I am a displaced homemaker having great difficulty in finding a job. I was a secretary for many years but I haven’t worked in over 15. All of my previous jobs have either gone out of business or I no longer know how to get references from anyone. I would work for someone that owns a work at home company or would like to start my own with little start up capital. Thank you for all your advice.

When you’re looking at working from home there’s basically two choices. You’ll either be working for a company, or working for yourself. I’m not sure how you’d work for a normal company from home but I’m sure most people working online work for themselves anyway.

There’s a lot of ways of making money online but most of them are scams or make next to no money. Don’t even bother looking into things like

rebate processing (just a scam usually or next to no money)
multi-level-marketing, (only the original seller makes money)
the paypal send a dollar pyramid schemes, (pretty sure it’s actually illegal)
surveys, (scam, you pay to sign up and they hardly send you any surveys)blogging, (legit, but you’ll only end up making $5/month or spamming yahoo answers with links to ur blog lol)
or data entry. (kinda legit but you have to pay to sign up then usually never get work)

The more legit ways of making money online are affiliate marketing, or things like selling on ebay or selling stuff outsite ebay.

I’ve been working at home for 3 years and I still run across new ways to make money online. Most of them aren’t very profitable though. Anything you do to make money online is going to take a lot of work. The work’s not always hard, but it’s pretty much always time-consuming.

Finding a legitimate way to work at home isn’t hard. There’s plenty of places you can pay for the information. One of the really hard things about working at home is staying focused. You’d be surprised how hard it is to just sit down and work at home infront of your computer for hours on end. There’s some days I hardly make $50 because I just can’t focus and other days if I’m having a really good day and working hard I’ll make as much as $300. Like anything in life, you get what you put into it.

One of the biggest things that’s helped me is to not reinvent the wheel lol. See what other people are doing to make money online and just copy them.